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Available data on hate crimes mainly comes from the United States of America. This is because the country is the most notorious for these crimes. It has reported skyrocketing increases in these crimes since the late eighties. Secondly, the US is a one of the most cosmopolitan country in the world. This implies that it has so many different types of ‘peoples’. This facilitates these crimes, as the biases on to which such crimes are committed are readily available. However, this should not be an excuse to let this crime take toll unabated. President Obama demonstrated his commitment in this fight by signing the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr bill into law. This will by far assist the security agents’ deal with this vice.

Inclusion of gender considerations in the law will also by far boost the fight to combat these crimes. Redefining of gender protection laws is also a step to consider. Stern measures against perpetrators are also important to delivering justice to victims. Harsh sentences against offender will ensure people are not ready to face the consequences thus reducing the crime rates.

Information on hate crimes should also be availed to the community as a whole to help them understand and protect their rights whenever this crime threatens to invade. Many people have suffered and end up not reporting to relevant authority manifestation of these crimes in some situations is of low magnitude.

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