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Michael further argues that hate crimes can also be termed message offences (Lieberman, 2010, p. 81). A gay man beaten outside an entertainment venue was not robbed any of his belongings. This indicates that the assailants only intended to say that they are opposed to certain behavioral trends. Being gay in this case is the bias used for the attack.

Accordion to him, hate crimes are quantitatively different and serious compared to other crimes simply because they have long-term effects. Bad blood is introduced into the communities, which can lead to more violence (83). The police have however learnt that implementation of the law fully can keep riots and other community distractions at bay. The FBI has continuously release reports on these crimes and advised on better ways to enforce the law and reduce such crimes.

Hate crime provisions in over 45 states including Colombia do not punish thought and speech (Lieberman, 2010, p. 84). This implies that any amendment to the existing laws will not be important. In America, everybody has the right to think and speak out his or her mind. This amounts to a hate crime when he or she uses the same to discriminate against other people.

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