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As much as hate crime law have been criticized, Michael Lieberman completely disagrees with Jesse Larner an analyst of these laws (Lieberman, 2010, p. 70). He accuses Larner of failing to ascertain even a single claim that hate crime laws are a real problem. He gives several statements that extrapolate further on the exceptions that hate crime laws are appropriate. Michael says that the policy rationale indicates that the crimes are committed when stimulated by a bias and is very different from other crimes (77). No crime would occur if the platform reasons used to isolate them such as religion and race were not there. Therefore, he argues that the laws are very elaborate and ensure suspect’s fair trial and judgment.

Personal immutable traits are the main reason for abuse (Lieberman, 2010, p. 78) An offender therefore commits a very personal crime causing special damages to an individual or a community leading to change in perceptions about themselves. Either this leaves individuals terrorized or even fearing for their security, an intimidation difficult to accept. This leaves the image of the parties the offender is associate to damaged and creates a lot of tensions amongst different communities not only locally but sometimes globally fragmenting  the people (80). Despite the fact that Larner agrees with this notion he appears dismissive over its importance.

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