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  1. Briefly write on the followings. (around 50 words)
  2. Why does the third brother in “Something” pretend that he is part of a masquerade?

The third brother in ‘Something’ aspires to be an architect. His plan for becoming an architect involves thinking of himself as an architect throughout the intervening years he would have to spend as a laborer, a journeyman and a student at the academy and considering his lowly life as a masquerade he must put up with to reach his goal in life.

  1. What is the significance of the old trees in ‘The Gardener and His Master’?

The trees represent useless old customs and traditions that people are unwilling to give up even though the harm that they cause is manifest.

  1. What is the role of art in ‘The Bell’?

In ‘The Bell’, the faux artist’s pretention to art is contrasted with the sincere quest of the true artist. The children were sincere in their quest for the Bell and they braved all sorts of difficulties to and finally found it. The rich people went a little way into the forest and had a picnic and came back without having found the bell.

  1. How is Pantheism reflected in ‘The Bell’?

In ‘The Bell’, the boys find the source of the bell in the ‘great tabernacle of Nature and Poetry’, there is no physical Church there but the whole natural environment is a Church. This points towards a concept of holiness or divinity of all, which can be thought of as an abstract form of pantheism.

  1. What is Andersen’s message in ‘in the Duckyard’?

In the story ‘In the Duckyard’, the writer’s advice to us is to refrain from being arrogant and tyrannical in our attempts to help other people. The duck wishes the songbird well, but due to her arrogant nature she ends up killing the songbird.

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