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Hamas is a short form of the Arab word for Islamic Resistance Movement (transcript 13). The litreal meaning of this word is “zeal”(Yoffe, 2000). This organization was established at the time of rebellion in Palestine and its adjecent areas. It is decleared as a terrorist organization by the U.S. state department of defense. It’s head quarter is in Syria. The main target of this terrorist group is to obliterate the state of  Israel and to establish an Islamic Palestinian state in its place.

The main strtagies used by this organization include the murder of important political and government personalities, violence and suicide bombing (Yoffe, 2000). Among the social welfare works are the running of a  group of mosques and funding of the medical clinics which are under its control. Hamas has strongly condemnded the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) for its recognition of the United Nations resolutions in 1998 which entails the  acknowledment of Israel legitimate right of existence (Yoffe, 2000). Few years back, the high officials of Palestinian have made a nagreemnt with their counterparts of Isreal that they will cooperate with them to curb  Hamas form its vialoant actions. Hamas has also big network in the U.S. and other European countries, from where they raise funds from their supporters to finance their despicable projects.  The major portion of its annual expecetd budget around $30 million, come form the U.S. and other western countries and the remaing amount of money come from the jehadi organizations of Iran and Saud Arab like Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda provides all kinds of support like weapons, funds, information and literature etc. By keeping in view the size, the social network, resources and the support of people, hamas clrealy excells the palestinian liberation organization which has lost it fames and is condiered to have ties with the western powers. So it is very vivd that hams is the like a frid station which supplies power to the other organizations( transcript 13).

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