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Another entrepreneurial organization that is quite famous because of its novel approach is named as “Haier”. It is considered as a giant organization in the Chinese market and it is considered as the fourth largest manufacturer of white goods. The approach of higher is quite attractive and different from its competitors and the organization believed in the phenomenon of brand building, diversification and internationalization. Zhang took over as the senior manager of the company and transformed the company with its 360 degree approach. He inculcated the element of entrepreneur in different individuals and ultimately the organization was experiencing success. He was asked by the owners to use his entrepreneurial skills to increase the production processes. He transformed the entire organization when he implemented German philosophies into the production processes.

The biggest issue was to bind the culture of the organization and proper coordination must be created between the western principles and the Chinese thoughts. He did not compromised on the brand integrity and one day because of low quality he smashed all refrigerators with a sledgehammer and asked his workers to do the same. The point he make after smashing was that we cannot sacrifice our quality and that’s why we have to improve the production system because it will affect the brand integrity. This reengineering of the production process and redesigning of the management approach changed the entire organizational culture and employees were motivated by this approach. They initiated another brilliant approach that motivated the employees and all the products were developed according to the instructions of the employees. Similarly, Haier experienced growth by acquiring different companied of Chinese and they believe that through mergers and acquisitions organizations and can experience growth and they benefit in both the short and the long run (Pech, 2009).

Therefore, it can be said that both GE and Haier s are quite similar with each other and their management approaches, redesigning policies and change management techniques are quite similar to each other and both the organizations are working on the principle of motivating the employees and developing a culture in the organization in which employees act as entrepreneurs for their organization and they work hard for their organization and in this way they can change the entire fate of their organization. That is the reason why both these organizations are regarded as top organization in their sector and employees believe in their organizations. In both the cases a single individual transformed the entire organization and Jack Welch and Zhang are responsible for transforming General Electric and Haier and both of them have inculcated an entrepreneurial approach in their subordinates.

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