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Grocery stores deals in food items and house hold goods. The owner of the grocery store is known as a grocer and large grocery stores are known as super markets or giant stores. Stores that sell snack foods with other house hold items are known as convenience stores. The groceries are considered to be an important element in every individual’s life but due to distribution limitations this sector is difficult to manage. The internet is considered as an influential medium and it’s responsible for changing our buying behaviours.

The online ordering channel is considered to be a viable method of today’s world because it provides convenience and time saving to the end users. This online channel is known as online grocery stores. Grocery stores usually have less margin but the online stores would allow organization to penetrate more in the market because it is considered as n untapped market. Strategists usually suggest that online grocery stores will increase the gross profit margin of the organizations and it will increase the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, it can be said quite easily that online stores are increasing day by day and it can enhance sales for the organization and would add fun and value in buying. In this paper we will discuss the integrated marketing channel of online grocery stores and proper promotional strategies, Target market analysis; corporate strategies are discussed in this paper. Moreover, Emphasis is laid on the management of integrated marketing communications and three fields are emphasised which are integrated marketing communications from the end of the consumer, integrated marketing communication from the end of the distributor and integrated marketing communications from business to business perspective.

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