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A deeper look at F. Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” calls to mind the picture of an onion. On the outer surface, there is a hard cover and one has to dig to the deepest canyons to understand it. The surface shows a romantic love between a man and a woman, but deep within, the meaning is more concrete. Fitzgerald portrays the 1920’s as a time when the fabric that holds the moral and social values of the society loosened.

This was evident in the pursuit for pleasure and greed. Gatsby’s parties characterized the distortion of the American Dream as the pursuit for wealth and worldly pleasures overshadowed the real values of the American dream (Patrick and Kereth 58).The war served to boost the economy as many people continued to buy materialistic things that they would have never purchased. With improvement in the economy, it became so obvious that any person regardless of his or her social status could become rich. This resulted in a social rift between the old rich industrialists and families that had just acquired wealth. As a result, there was a surge in crime rates and trafficking of drugs.

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