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The Great Gatsby is the story of a poor man of ignoble birth named Gatsby who becomes obsessed with an aristocratic woman named Daisy Buchanan and spends years acquiring great wealth through illegal means in order to acquire her for himself, even though she has already married someone else from her own social class. In the words of Fitzgerald “the whole idea of Gatsby is the unfairness of a poor young man not being able to marry a girl with money” (Turnbull 150).

In Of Mice and Men Lennie is a large and strong man-child, George is physically weaker and smaller but the more intelligent of the two. George realizes that it is the company of the child-like Lennie and their love for each other which keeps them together like a family that keeps the dream alive in him and without him he would be just another wastrel blowing out his money on drink, gambling and prostitutes (Steinbeck 15); however in times of self-pity and frustration he regards this as a curse rather than a blessing (Steinbeck 101).

Mentally retarded Lennie on the other hand does not understand all that, he is obsessed with petting soft, smooth and furry things (Steinbeck 87). Lennie’s foremost interest in the acquiring the ranch is because George promises him they would keep rabbits at the ranch and Lennie would get to tend them (Steinbeck 6). The rabbits are foremost in Lennie’s mind, he keeps asking about them; “George, how long’s it going to be till we get that little place an’ live off the fatta the lan’an’ rabbits?” (Steinbeck 55).

George knows that their chances of acquiring a ranch on their labor’s wages are slim. He hopes to save up enough money to join the California gold rush “We can make maybe a couple of dollars a day there, and we might hit a pocket” (Steinbeck 33).

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