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Graffiti artists view their work as a reflection of their ideologies and art which is aimed at addressing political, social, ethical and cultural issues. Artists also sometimes use graffiti and tagging as a medium of creating memoirs of people who have passed away. The five components cultures include values, symbols, language, beliefs and norms define the unique culture of a group of society (Velasquez, Arellano and McNeill 2004).

Tagging and graffiti art is a culture in itself and the symbols and languages used by artists portrays their relationship with a specific culture, race or society. The Labeling theory of sociology explains how negative labeling and social control impacts adolescents belonging to a culture, race or ethnicity. The labeling theory encompasses the overall behavior of individuals when they are negatively labeled and governments like the United States of America try to control behavior through punishment such as suspension and expulsion (Regoli, Hewitt and DeLisi 2009).

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