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Bomb It by Jon Reiss is a broad documentary explaining the phenomenon of street art and graffiti culture through interviews with actual graffiti artists from several parts of the world. The documentary also shows graffiti artists at work while they write and draw graffiti in several places. The director in this documentary presents the history and evolution of graffiti art throughout the ages and different places which include Rome, New York, Philadelphia and Japan.

Reiss in his documentary portrays both sides of graffiti art by including views from both proponents and opponents. The documentary depicts views from law enforcement agencies, activists and graffiti artists and includes references to legal implications such as the Quality of Life laws in New York which were targeted graffiti and the impact of these laws on graffiti culture throughout the world. The documentary reflects the impact of laws and regulations on graffiti art and the strategies and tactics adopted by artists to satisfy their urge of graffiti writing and drawing. The documentary explains how graffiti artists have evolved in their technique and skill and how they maneuver around the legal system in an attempt to express themselves.

The name Bomb It is derived from the fact that graffiti took on a form of bombing and tagging which initially was used to signify gang territories by tagging which means literally marking a territory for a specific gang through symbols and signatures.

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