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In the course of globalization, information technology is supposed to be an impelling aspect. Advancements made to computer systems in terms of hardware, software, and communications have given boost to business activities, economic system, and social system.

Access to information was never as convenient as today. Telecommunications have also played a major role in promoting information technology to support endorsement of numerous resources, ideas, and products. Before 1990, there was no concept of handling core business operations through computer systems as they were only the tools for smart calculation and structuring of information. Afterwards emergence of internet, World Wide Web, and networks provided conduit to exchange information effectively. Globalization can be enhanced drastically with the contribution of IT (Mann, 2006).

Globalization of information technology has helped in improvising and transforming education, business, job search, banking transactions, communication, and transportation. Smart ways for retailers, vendors, and customers to perform different transactions are made available. These transactions include the management of flow of business operations, production inputs and outputs.

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