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In this review I will discuss the article by Amartya Sen Globalization, Inequality and Global Protest (2002) taken from the lectures of Alfred Dickenson. I shall agree with the points which Amartya Sen has raised regarding the positive and productive aspects of the globalization.

The topic globalization is vast in nature because of its concentration in all scientific and social scientific fields. The topic had been well-researched and powerfully agued upon. The theme of the lecture is that protestors of globalization are also involved in the process of globalization when they protest to let their voices heard. They must deduct their act of globalizing at first before criticizing the changes held in the word due to globalization. This article is of great interest and informative for everyone because globalization takes members of all fields in its fold. This article resonate current as well as historical events for the arguments.

Amartya Sen clarifies the term globalization in terms of western and eastern civilizations. In today’s world globalization is linked with the western dominance but it is stressed in the article that globalization is not solely associated with particular region. Author has justified his point with the help of history. Around 1000 AD, globalization took the shape of scientific and mathematical attribute in china which was spread around the world due to globalization (p. 12).

Amartya Sen observes with appropriate reasoning that being ignorant and against globalization would be similar to being a well-frog as described in the Sanskrit texts of India and is strictly prohibited in other text such Ganapath (p.12).

Sen does not completely justify globalization as a positive case in all situations. Inequality relates with globalization which compels these protestors to go against the process of globalization. People who reject the significance of globalization belong to the economies where emerging gains of globalization are not shared equally due to the lack of effective governance and just authorities. Amartya here provides the solution for the inequality among the people of poorly governed economies. The solution is to defend globalization and to address the inequality at different levels of economic growth (p.13).  The leading market giants must arrange the market and security nets for the financial assets in a way that it provides share of resources of education, land, epidemiology etc. to all the members of the country equally.

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