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Amartya Sen introduced this solution as the growth-mediated development in his book Hunger and Public Action. He has justified his point by using the example of successful channeling of resources in the South Korea. This process of channeling of resources helped South Korea in gaining participatory economic growth but the economy was greatly affected in the Asian crisis 2007 due to the lack of setup for security net for the financial assets (p.14).

Author has successfully pointed out the reason behind the constant of poverty and deprivation suggesting it to be the historical financial architecture with the pillars such as International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank etc. (p.15). The modern world needs to have new priorities and policies which are to some extent in action by the United Nations and IMF providing funds to the poor countries.

Globalization, Inequality and Global Protest is an impressive work completely describing all the aspects of globalization and its effects on societies around the world and suggesting that globalization is an unstoppable process. Even protestors of globalization are somewhere a part of globalization. The negative issues of globalization must be addressed instead of being a well-frog. This work by Amartya Sen shall contribute to a wide variety of subjects including economic, social changes, ethnic issues etc.

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