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Cap Gemini Sogeti, Nike, The Body Shop, Tricon Global restaurants are the examples of such organizations whose IT departments have pursued global agenda in order to make them big. Cap Gemini Sogeti became successful with the investment of $40 million for becoming transnational. Nike executed an electronic supply chain management system so that when every the order is placed, it gets fulfilled by sending the order from nearest warehouse.

The vendor would not even know that order has been fulfilled from the nearest outlet. It also spent a lot for this global supply chain managing the raw material, parts, and skills and all the steps of production cycle. The Body Shop created an intranet network and connected its offices situated in 47 countries diversely located in the world and the basic functions are operated from United Kingdom where its head office is situated. This intranet helped the company for being globally accessible for achieving certain competitive advantages (Stephens, 1999).

Tricon Global restaurants are operators of 30,000 fast food chains in every part of this world. This company standardized its operations by executing a proprietary information system for integrating operations scattered in the whole world. A single clearing house is reported for all the orders. This unified system helped greatly in managing the diverse food chains (Stephens, 1999).

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