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The athletic shoes and sports industry is quite global in nature and nearly all the producers and players of this industry are termed as multinational organizations. The major players of the industry are stressing a lot on managing their production units outside their original countries and they are depicting a proactive approach in managing the issues related to globalization (Stiglitz, 2007).

Athletic and sports wears are loved by everyone and people are becoming more brand conscious. Brands are affecting their lives and people all around the world consider brands as a statement of status and they have developed a mindset that those who wear branding products are fashionable and they are trendy. This connotation is cashed by these organizations and the industry is shifting into the global arena. The organizations that are present in the industry are developing promotional campaigns that are targeting the international consumers and they are developing such strategies that are meant for both local and international consumers. The demand of sports shoes and athletic shoes is increasing and customers are becoming health conscious that is the reason why these athletic shoes organizations are focusing more on the global strategy.

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