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Birth control devices have been a highly debatable issue ever since their introduction. When teenagers are involved in the scenario the issue is even more debatable because people believe that providing birth control devices promotes sexual behavior. There are many factors in the world that promote sexual behavior which have been present from even before the invention of birth control. Teenagers are usually more susceptible to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, get pregnant and require birth control devices for medicinal purposes concerning the female menstruation cycle henceforth they should be given birth control devices.

Many women experience an irregular menstruation cycle. This largely occurs within the first few years of a woman’s initial menstruation cycle but for some the irregularity can be the cause of a disease. Women of any age can experience this but the problem is usually found in teenagers. (Menstrual Disorders) “Oral contraceptives (the “birth control pill”) have many health benefits beyond just preventing pregnancy. Medical researchers have been studying the pill for more than 40 years. They have discovered a number of ways oral contraceptives can be used to treat health problems. Because the pill contains hormones that affect your menstrual cycle (making your periods more regular and making you bleed less), it can be used to treat many conditions related to your period.”(Oral contraceptives for medical conditions) A lot of women, especially teenagers get very heavy or irregular periods accentuated with painful cramps. Loosing too much blood through a period causes iron deficiency that can lead to short term anemia. To treat this condition women and teenagers are often prescribed birth control pills to regularize and lighten their cycles. A birth control pill is swallowed each day to stop the bleeding from occurring and the last seven days of the cycle a sugar pill is substituted with the medicated one to induce a bleed. This eventually causes the cycles to regularize and lighten up and prevent women from having big surgeries. Other reasons for a birth control pill prescription are irregular acne formation due to hormonal imbalance, excessive hair growth due to androgens, possible redevelopment of ovarian cysts or as a neutralizer for premenstrual syndrome. (Oral contraceptives for medical conditions)

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