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Germany is one of the fastest growing economies in the Europe. In the year 2010 the economy of the country grew significantly at 3.5%. Keeping such economic growth in the view it can be inferred that German market may be highly feasible for international entities to initiate business. The economic efficiency of the German market can be taken as a positive omen for the survival of international entities in the market.

In case of Charlie Crow, Germany can be a feasible market because the culture of both the countries is not much different for one another therefore the products produced by the company would be introduced in the German market as well without any significant cost on the change in the products in accordance with the culture of the market. Consumers also welcome international brands however the local firms of Germany are so strong that they do not let any large multinational entities acquire any significant market share. Therefore the competition in the market is kept balanced at all times. International entities along with the local firms carry out business in a balanced manner and the consumers also spend rationally rather than being biased.

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