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Cloning is also such step which should not have been done by the scientists. God has always made unique things, not a single human being is alike. No doubt that it has got potential benefits but it has also got its downside for humanity too. First of all scientists warns about many genetic risks involved in cloning. A cloned body still is not able to carry out things freely, because it has weak stem cells that are prone to many viruses. There are many un-ethical issues correlated to cloning including their natural needs just like any non-cloned being (Shanghai Daily, January).

Not just robotics, but all the technological advances should be in limit otherwise they would have catastrophic effects. Technological progress is found to be a big hurdle in the way of economic development. Due to the release of different software, a cut-down of clerical staff and less-skilled people has been occurring. Although the job opportunities for well-educated people have increased too but hardly any country has got a higher percentage of educated population. Hence an economy can be collapsed. Society also undergoes social issues like people become dependent on technology gadgets so much that social crashes may occur through it.

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