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Even while citing this conclusion however, the author has considered a few alternate possibilities that act as exceptions to this rule. One such exception is if the genes are so strong that they may dominate over any environmental factors presents except in those cases where the environmental effects are extremely prevalent. The second is when an extreme level of environmental interaction can overthrow any genetic effects.

The third occurs in the case if either environmental or genetic factors show variability leading to the effectiveness of either of the two environments. One study conducted shows that children who were more susceptible to being anti social or dependant on drugs were more likely to have parents who were insensitive to their needs. This would eventually lead to have much more unruly form of behavior later on in life. Evidence was also found which showed that children who were anti-social often elicited this form of behavior from parents leading to their negative behavior. A study known as the Dunedin longitudinal study found that children who exhibited this form of personality disorder had low levels of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA). A high level of activity of the MAOA gene has been found to show less incidence of antisocial conduct among children (Rutter, 2007 178-196).

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