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The culture aspect is focused a lot by the organization and Dell maintains a zero tolerance policy on culture right from the beginning. The culture of the organization focuses on the fact that when they hear a business would lose its position in the market then they challenge the general manager to change the position and require appropriate explanations about this. The organization focuses on the effectiveness of business ventures and that is the reason why the expectations of the organization from different forms of business are related very high as compared to other organizations. Although Dell Corporation manages its employees quite effectively but if employees are not working properly then the organizations asks them to fix the stuff or ask for help because delivering the right product to the customers is the real essence of the company. The employees of the organization are involved in the major decision making process and the organization ask them question like how can Dell grow faster and how can we lower our cost and etc.

Breakthroughs: The breakthrough idea of the organization is quite novel and the general managers usually come up with this idea and in Dell they succeed time and time again. The irrational expectations of the organization are filled up by the general managers.

New Leaders: The culture of the organization is quite and the leadership of the organization is charismatic in nature. The organization usually throws individuals in deep end of the competition and then they evaluate that whether they can swim or not. If they are unable to swim then those employees are replaced by other ones. That is the reason why individuals that are aligned with hardworking culture are hired. New employees are hired in the organization but the ratios of new employees are less because previous employees in the organization are trained and then they are promoted to work for the betterment of the organization.


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