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A PESTLE Analysis is applied to Lonely Planet. PESTLE is an abbreviation for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental analysis.

Political/ Legal Environment

To write guidebooks and various reviews about diverse destinations around the globe, the authors are required to have a first-hand experience of that location. For that purpose Lonely Planet requires authors to embark on trips to learn more about the countries, cultures, historical monuments, cuisines and other places they are going to cover in the guidebooks. Among the locations that the authors have to cover in their guidebooks are countries with unstable political scenarios. These include places like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bolivia.


Remote locations around the world such as small islands can be discovered and popularized by Lonely Planet. This would establish a market niche with adventure travelers and scholars. Adventure travelers like to visit new locations for the experience and to be able to “tell a great story” to their peers and family members. Scholars like to learn new things and new locations would allow them the luxury to conduct research and possibly discover new scientific phenomenon.

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