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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is considered to be an important element in determining the behavior of the consumers. Promotional messages that are devised by different organizations are initiated to cater the needs of the consumers. Utmost importance is laid on Maslow’s hierarchy to evaluate which promotional message can fulfill which need of the consumer. The organization that is selected for evaluation is Coca-Cola and different promotional campaigns and strategies are discussed in this paper.


The promotional campaigns of Coca Cola’s vending machines are being analyzed. Different adds and promotional campaigns and evaluated and then it can be easily said that Coca-Cola target their customers in an efficient way. In their promotional messages related to vending machines the TV commercials and the print ads both of them target certain levels of needs. Their ads of vending machine focus on happiness and the delight that is associated with this brand and they target the physiological needs and the need of self esteem. The brand focuses on the basic need of thirst and nourishment and it is also associated with self esteem because taking the drink out from the vending machine in certain countries can be considered as an element if self esteem. Therefore, these two aspects are focused in their promotional campaigns that are related to vending machines (Cola, 2007).


The campaigns of Coca Cola are widely known and recognized in nearly every country of the world and they are viewed by numerous people. Customers are attracted by their promotional strategies especially their print ads and TV commercials. Both their print ads and TV commercials are effectively design to target their market and they fulfill the basic needs of the customers. The company has fulfilled all the needs in the hierarchy because the brand in quite powerful and it is recognized the customers. However, the can enhance their presence and increase their sales by devising other strategies and moving the brand into the state of self actualization. They can further improve the brand and can easily add more wisdom and meaning to their ads.


The consumers usually don’t understand the marketing campaigns and most of the customers are unaware of what are the organization is trying to say and how they are persuading their target markets. However, customers are eager to know that whether their selected brand focuses on their basic needs or not. They are more focused in their basic needs and that is the reason why every brand first climbs the initial state of physiological need. Customers realize that their basic needs are targeted through promotional campaigns. Similarly, it can be said quite easily that customers are attracted to those brands that targets their basic needs and then they move up the ladder and targets other needs as well.

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