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Processor of a system is supposed to be the brain of computer and processes the inserted data to information in its readable form i.e. binary. It is an embedded circuit in computer that operates on quartz crystals that help in generating peaks, from pulses or peaks got from interaction of quartz crystals and electric current. An internal clock operates this function of generating pulses which makes the clock speed when measured on each second, hence making the clock frequency which is a multiple of system frequency. The circuit executes an instruction in terms of average number of clock cycles from which CPI i.e. Cycles per Instructions is measured.  Processor’s power is number of instructions per second and processor’s frequency when divided by CPI gives the CPU Power in unit of MIPS i.e. million instructions per second (Kioskia).

An instruction is the process of conversion of data into readable binary information performed by the processor. Instruction is an operation to perform, hence consists of operation code and operand code. Instruction size may vary from 1 bit to 4 bytes and categorizes itself into the groups of memory access, arithmetic operations, logic operations, control. Instructions execution process needs small temporary memory spaces local to processor.

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