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Basically the Cache memory and its levels help to compute instruction rapidly. Latency time is reduced while performing any process or transfer of information with other memories. Interfacing is done on the basis that L1 interfaces with L2 and L2 interfaces with random access memory or simply say L3 interface which helps in transfers and processes, and the overall processor general jobs are also not disturbed (Kioskia).

Registers used in a processor are used for fast execution of an instruction. The most significant registers are accumulator registers which handles the arithmetic operations. Status registers are used for showing the status of operations being carried out like carry and overflow statuses. Instruction registers caters the instruction under execution. The ordinal counter is the one that holds the address of next instruction and automatically redirects on completion of execution. Buffer register is the one that takes the data from primary memory and stores it temporarily so that while execution of a statement it does not have to be called all the way from mainĀ  memory.

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