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Freud proposed that a person’s personality developed through their childhood experiences in the first five years. Jung and Freud differed on the concepts of the unconscious. A person can either be introverted or extroverted and the theories concerning this idea were where Freud and Jung differed.

According to Freud the unconscious mind played a huge role in a person’s personality. He said that people often blocked out or repressed memories that were hurtful or disorienting. For example if a person was abused as a child he or she might block out those memories when he or she is older because they are undesirable facts of the past. Although Jung agreed with Freud’s model of the unconscious he said that there was a deeper level of unconscious that dictated a person’s life and personality. Jung proposed a collective unconscious and thought that it better explained a human’s personality. Another aspect where Freud and Jung differ is how they view the motivation of human behavior.

How a human behaves is dependant on his personality and Freud believed that human actions were the cause of the expression or repression of sexuality. Jung on the other hand believed that that sexuality was not the only motivating factor in human behavior. He said that people’s personality’s depended on other motivation factors such as achievement, accomplishment and fulfillment. In other words, Jung believed that not everything was a biological force connected with sex and that a human being did have free will and other factors to go about building his or her personality. Jung’s views seem to be more synchronized with how people view personality today because the Meyers Briggs personality test is based on Jung’s work. This trait measures the different personality types and helps a person identify which career path will be the best option.

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