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Charlie Crow is a company based in the UK therefore it has suitable business expertise in the UK market. The company understands the UK culture well therefore it is successful. In order to be successful in French market as well, the company will have to understand the culture of the French market as well. If the company finds it easy to acclimatize with the French culture, it would be feasible to initiate business in the French market.

France has a distinct culture which is given high importance by the people of the culture. France is one country which has allocated highest resources for its culture which is 1% of its GDP.  French consumers have significant interest in their culture therefore any company or product contradicting the culture of the country will have a very short life in the market. As compared to Britain, France is more formal society that attributes high values to intellectual argument rather than random marketing campaigns. In order to have a successful business in the French market, the company will have to understand the culture of the country very well and it will have to adjust its production in accordance with the culture of the country.

There are a number of factors which must be considered before initiating business in the country. French consumers give high importance to the French language. If a company does not know anything about French language, the people would not accept the company as nicely as they would have had the company introduced itself in French language.

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