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These principles are called “Four noble truths” (L.Davis, 2009). According the Buddha the four noble truths are as follows:

1. Suffering is universal:

This means that human’s life is full of suffering. Suffering is a part of one’s life. Either the person has to suffer physical or mental injuries. Suffering cannot be cross out from life. One has to suffer in order to fight from evil and practice the life of non-extremism.

2. The cause of suffering is craving:

In the beginning of the paper we have completely described about the selfishness and how it occurs to man and provides him the end of evil. Man when desire for the wholesome beauty of life, he indulge himself in craving of extremes that ought not to be practiced at all.

“Do not follow a life of evil; do not live heedlessly; do not have false views; do not value worldly things. In this way one can get rid of suffering” Dhammapada v. 167 (View on Buddhism, 2007).

3. The cure of suffering to get rid of craving:

Once you control your cravings and desires, you will lead a content life. And nothing else can make you happy but getting rid of what you desire for. Wholesome beauty of life, he indulges himself in craving of extremes that ought not to be practiced at all. To lead a happy and content life, one must learn and practice to remain calm.

4. Following the Middle Way:

The middle-way which is the eightfold path can help you follow the middle way and escape from frustration. It will lower the tendency of suffering.

Moreover Selfishness can augment when the person applies more burdens on himself to see him elevated in the future. Buddhism teaches why the suffering and struggle has become the universal phenomenon. Buddhism teaches that even if a successful life on earth is illusion and nothing but burden.

The question remains that when Buddha has isolated the causes, then why the man is still the victim of selfishness and extremisms? Egotism and hedonism are the two powers that give rise to the sufferings of an individual.  Egotism enhances value and favorable views about own self. And Hedonism proves that the pleasure is more important than anything. These two phenomenons persuade a man to be selfish and this is how the selfishness expands.

Therefore it is quite evident from the teaching of Buddha that man can get rid of selfishness by following the middle-way and practice the eightfold path. Egotism and Hedonism can persuade to do wrong, leading you to frustration. Buddha’s four noble truths can escape your from suffering.

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