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Forgiveness is a decision to let go of the resentment and contempt to be held responsible. Forgiveness is the psychological phenomenon. This phenomenon takes exam of those who will be forgiving, keeping in mind the revenge and the intensity of hatred. The person to forgive actually practices the state of being blamed for something he never committed, or being resented. The person who forgives often goes through the injury of the narcissist.  And most easy for one who will be forgiven, he will be forgiven for the manifest. Forgiveness is the phenomenon which was discussed and made life’s most significant aspect by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is known as the dramatist of forgiveness. The plots of his plays widely provide a great deal of versatility when it comes to characters. And the basic focus of the plot is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a phenomenon that arises different questions for how to recon ciliate sins and who deserves to be forgiven.

In this paper it will be discussed that Shakespeare work is flawless and his plots mainly focus forgiveness. In this paper we will discuss structure of drama and how it is different from reality. This paper includes the significance of the theme of forgiveness. How the characters of Shakespeare in the play Hamlet, Kind Lear and comedy Tempest play their roles on the plot focusing forgiveness. We will also discuss the importance of forgiveness in different religions.

Shakespeare is the greatest dramatist of history and he has played a vital role for the English literature. His plays mainly focuses on the forgiveness and how the sinners recon ciliate their sins. The central focus of Shakespeare’s plays is on forgiveness (Friedman). How the characters deserve to be punished or if not how should they be forgiven depending on the consequences? This is the brilliance of Shakespeare that he could easily determine the elucidation for the sinner. But for the common man in the reality it will be the most complicated thing to decide whether the person needs to be forgiven. Shakespeare’s plots when deal with the crimes of murder and deceive, he at the same time prolongs the life of the characters in his plots by forgiveness (Friedman).

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