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In the play of Shakespeare “tempest”, it was put in the character’s heart to be able to forgive. The play Tempest is much more to the reconciliation. It appears in almost all the plots by Shakespeare. In tempest the reconciliation is not done by agony but the one who is offended himself (Shakespeare and Edward).

In Tempest, the character Prospero takes his decision when he knew that the castaways are there in his power and he can punish them the way he want and the way he can touch the height of brutality. But it was where the Prospero takes his decision and takes the hands on the consequences by not meeting the end of his contempt for the sins of castaways. Instead of cutting the life out of the sinners as Prospero was victimized by the castaways he decides to give it a new beginning rather than the brutal and bitter ending he could have given to the. It was because he was seeing the fright and the dismal conditions of those castaways (Shakespeare and Edward).

In this way reader gets the idea that Prospero was not forced by any power but his wisdom to not to be blamed and be guilty for the similar malice he would have been committed. Even in the name of justice he decided not to play the role of God and they will be punished by the God for their deeds. It’s how Prospero saw the angel Ariel telling him what castaways been through when they heard that they are being sentenced to death and the evil on his shoulder lost his chess match when Prospero took the decision to be wise and leave the matter to the God, where this matter actually belonged to (Shakespeare and Edward).  Forgiveness sometimes even leaves positive effects on the person to be forgiven. The person doing wrong could easily get the right path by achieving the forgiveness for the sins he had commit. This is where Prospero acted wisely. This is how the Shakespeare printed the color pattern of forgiveness and punishment in his play (Shakespeare and Edward).

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