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Therefore, it can be concluded that Ford Motor Corporation is one of the best automobile companies of the world but the organization has progressed through leaps and bounds. This organization has initiated many management policies and they have adopted the policies of other players in the market. This organization has worked on a goal that efficiency can only be achieved if proper policies are implemented in the organization and a theoretical approach must not be implemented by the organization.

A practical managerial approach is the winning strategy in automobile business. Change with respect to time and essential for the organization in the short and the long run. A proactive policy is considered as an integral element for organizations.  That is the reason why proper policies must be implemented in the organization. Ford Motor Corporation initiated different managerial concepts like lean production and etc and these managerial concepts are adopted by organizations of today’s world. The leadership of this organization is quite phenomenal and different leadership’s styles are implemented within the organization. Usually leadership by example and charismatic leadership prevail in this organization. The organization follows the motivational approach and employees are usually motivated by the organization to through extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors. The organization stresses a lot on basic management principles and that is the reason why they are progressing rapidly. Moreover, with this basic management factors certain elements of change are also initiated and that is the reason why they are aligned with the managerial aspects of other organizations.

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