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Food insecurity is the vulnerability of a nation to be effected by increasing food riots all around the globe. Food insecure countries are those countries that mainly depend upon imported food and they do not have enough food production to cater their own population. Gulf States are mainly oil producing countries and they do not have enough local food production, therefore they depend upon imported food. Similarly; other food insecure countries are those that are going through economic growth, or those countries that have social instability, or increasing population. Examples of such countries may be Japan, South Korea and China. These countries are going through a rapid economic growth and the accelerating economic activity in these countries is making them food insecure.

Therefore in order to ensure that these countries remain safe from any food crisis in the future, such countries are continuously entering into land grabbing deals with countries with fertile land. The target countries are underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa. In the past few years, a huge area of land has been bought by other countries in Africa and land grabbing has reached an alarming level.

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