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Thus, in a nutshell we can say that in today’s world where time and cost of carrying out businesses is far most important for attaining and sustaining competitive advantage the reliance on far placed networks is unavoidable. The benefits from such arrangements overcome the challenges and problems associated with them which make them feasible and more attractive to the business. However, we cannot ignore the fact that face-to-face interaction does prove to be more appropriate approach in some cases however the reason for this may be that the technology has not come up with a better solution for it.

People and organization must devise a proper strategy to control the proper flow of information and they must use the innovative techniques but these techniques must improve the flow of information. If people are communicating through computer screens then they must make sure that the communication is clear and it must communicate the actual message (Outsourcing Strategies, 2008).

What we can do is to make sure that we aren’t giving our credit card numbers to fake websites. Similarly, we must make that when we are working online the company posses a legal identity and it’s registered. These steps would stop this menace and control crimes on the internet. Although it seems that communicating face to face is the conventional method but one can say that this conventional method is an effective tool because organizations and individuals won’t suffer in this case.

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