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Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor
Role Models Media based role models like glamorous anorexic divas and built athletes effect the nutrition intake and fitness of adolescents.
Unrealistic weight and body type expectations based on the desire to be like their role models can effect the health and fitness of the adolescents
Role models in school and high school like the need to be like the most popular boy or girl in school can also have a negative effect on the nutrition intake and fitness of the adolescent.
Believe they will live forever Adolescents usually think they are young and will live forever which encourages them to take up unhealthy eating habits
The youth stage encourages them to try drugs and alcohol thinking they can give it up when they want to and that it cannot affect their health when they indulge as teenagers.
The carefree attitude of the peers can make them think they are immune to the ill effects of bad eating habits and substance abuse.
It won’t happen to me attitude The adolescents can think that as they are young nothing drastically bad health wise can happen to them
Due to their attitude they assume that they can stay healthy forever
Isolation from reality and unhealthy social groups can encourage it wont happen to me attitude.

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