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The financial position and information of the Qantas Airlines will be ascertained through the following documents and procedures.

  • Annual reports of three previous years including the audit report and audited financial statements
  • Financial statements of recent quarter or period
  • Credit rating and standing of the company
  • Research analysis reports based on company’s financial statements
  • A report indicating the internal control mechanism implemented in the company
  • A list of all current and noncurrent liabilities
  • Inventory and inventory class schedule of the current year
  • A complete set of receivables with customer information and credit standing
  • A report indicating the procedures and methods followed for inventory management, receivables management, depreciation and amortisation for the past three years
  • A comprehensive list of all noncurrent assets including details of purchase, sale, lease and exchange of such assets
  • A report of various business locations of the company throughout the world with details of ownership, lease and rental agreements
  • List of all intangible assets owned by the company with details of internal development, purchase and amortisation of such assets
  • Evaluation of fixed, variable, direct and indirect expenses of the company
  • A report presenting profit margin of the company in various seasons for the past five years
  • Complete set of records of transactions with books and ledgers of the company

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