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The financial analysis of Fairfax Media Limited provides an evaluation of the firm’s financial success based on three important variables which are the profitability, liquidity and comparison with other companies in the industry. The ratio analysis performed on the company’s financial statements indicate that the it is quite successful in terms of profitability and has displayed stable growth in profits throughout recent years with the exception of last year where all companies in the media industry including Fairfax Media Limited witnessed a major downturn due to the global financial crisis.

The calculated ratios also provide a strong position of the firm with respect to liquidity as the company can meet its short term obligations through current assets. The last section of financial analysis covers the comparison of Fairfax with other companies in the newspaper industry to evaluate success of Fairfax. The stakeholder analysis section of the report analyses various stakeholders of the company with reference to their relevance and importance for the company. Stakeholder analysis has been performed to evaluate the success of Fairfax in achieving corporate and business objectives related to shareholders, creditors and customers. The evaluation and analysis carried out throughout the report provide that Fairfax Media Limited is quite successful in achieving corporate, competitive, financial, social and ethical objectives.

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