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The festival in the spring was celebrated particularly for the Dionysus in order to celebrate new leaves. The festival was named as the festival of Dionysus. The festival is celebrated to enjoy the wine by theatre. Dionysus gave great importance to art and literature. Most of the Greek mythical plays had been written for the purpose of celebrating Dionysus festival.

Whoever performed in the theatre for the celebration was regarded as the sacred servants of Dionysus. The pleasure of vine and the plays had a manifesting affect over those who performed and Dionysus as well (Leeming, 1991).

Hence the qualities of God of vegetation include the aspects such as immortality, being the son of Zeus, having cult that gave importance to art and theatre. All these qualities enrich the western civilization and Greek mythology. Dionysus the God of drunkenness, vine, party, pleasure, vegetation and cultivation inspired the followers. The pleasure and drunkenness injected by Dionysus evoked people to forget about the mature age and to keep them high and celebrate throughout eternity.

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