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McDonald’s is considered as the world’s largest chain of multinational fast food chain which is operating across the globe and it serves more than 47 million customers daily. The structure of the organization is quite large which spreads over a network of branches and that is the reason why the organization focuses a lot on marketing and promotional activities. The organization has strong branding strategies through its focus on consumer behavior and it frames its marketing and brand management strategy on the basis of its customers. The entire process at McDonalds stresses on the ascendency of customers and their strategy value the customers. However, the structure of McDonalds depicts that the organization is it is a multinational organization which incorporates all the international strategies of management and marketing.

  1. Organizations focus a lot on brand and it is the positioning of brands that make or break an organization. Although there are different brands that are marketed in our society through different mediums but McDonalds is my favorite brand and I am very much influenced by this brand. There are number of reasons that describes that why I am so much influenced by this brand. Firstly, they work on a customer centric approach and McDonalds is usually engaged in developing new and modernized strategies for their customers. Secondly, the marketing strategy of McDonald is quite crystal clear and they have the tendency to fulfill their promises. Finally, they work on the principle of mass marketing and no particular class is targeted by this brand which depicts that it is for everyone. As far as the loyalty is concerned I am very much loyal to this brand just because if its quality and taste.

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