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The Fat Pig is an American play by the provocative playwright Neil Labute. Fat big is a dramatic story about a couple and their tragic relationship. The play depicts the gruesome reality of mistreatment of abnormal people in the society. The play revolves around an obese woman and a good looking guy who try to work out their relationship but unfortunately they end up in separating. This paper includes the idea and progress of the play The Fat Pig.

The play has managed to bring the reality of the society on the stage through its script. The play speaks on behalf of the people who have been snubbed just because of being abnormal and different from the people that the media projects as the beautiful ones.  The main character Helen who is heroine of the play has been projected as an obese, funny and smart lady who works as a librarian. The play revolves around her and projected how Tom, the good looking guy who is the hero of the play asks her number and goes to a restaurant with her. Both of them fell in love with each other (Zimmerman).

Neil tries to arouse the feelings in the spectators to wish for the characters to stay together but the reality is different and harsh. Carter who is a friend of Tom and Jeannie who has been an ex-girl friend of Tom play negative role in the play. The love story ends with the weakness of Tom to uphold her girlfriend in front of his friends and accept the fact that she was different from others (Petruccelli).

The play makes it evident to everyone that this could happen with anyone. Overall the story has a great message and obese people would rate the play as interesting and close to reality. It is recommended that the theatergoers must witness the play for a more realistic story.

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