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My personal fascination with this culture and civilization is not only due to the detailed tactics which governed the battle or the intricate politics which seem so pervasive in that society. Rather, I enjoyed reading the perceptions of an ordinary Christian who lived as a citizen in the city of Jerusalem. It’s quite incredible that these citizens despite knowing the corruption and greed emphasized by their rulers continued to support their rule simply because of their enmity against the Muslims. They are not even willing to consider that their conquerors may offer them a better life under their rule. It truly shows the public opinion towards Islam at the time and how they perceived it as being against God.

Despite its riveting account the selection does raise one concern, regarding how the material is presented. It seems that the way the battle is written has a bias against the cause of the Muslim forces. Thus, the reading does not provide an impartial perspective on this conflict and is thoroughly one sided.

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