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The fifth hot button deals with family values and family relationships. The author suggests that people value family relationships heavily and companies can focus on these values to market products which promote family values and relationships. The author gives an example that people when asked what they would do with the money if they won it in a lottery; lot of them replied that they would give much of it to their families.

Another hot button discussed in the book is the desire to belong which explains group association needs of people. People generally want to belong to a specific group and act in ways which can bring them closer to other members of a group. This idea entails the fact that people generally want to do what other people around them are doing.  The eleventh chapter in the book entitled fun is its own reward explains that people generally like to have fun and companies can exploit this urge to derive amusement by selling products which provide this amusement directly or are associated with fun activities (Feig, 2006).

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