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The third lesson imparted by Dell is that there is a relationship between making mistakes and learning. The more missteps Dell committed the more he found he learned. He also says that to make a business which is based only on the cost or price of your products will not allow it a maintainable advantage. Rather what was more important was to ensure faithfulness among both customers and employees.

This loyalty could only be found if provided not only the best products, with the best service. But also by involving the entire company from the sales to the support staff in the understanding of customer needs and allowing such requirements to become a constant focus within management training, energy and education.

It was due to these factors that by 1994 the company had won several performance reviews and value awards. It also provided the best support for its products while providing features which compelled consumers to buy. The company was also well known to involving consumer demands in every aspect of their products (Dell 2000).

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