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Strategists and analysts actually believe in the fact that two-third of the organizations fail when they try to implement a change. This might affect a company badly because hefty amounts of costs, resources and time are involved in implementing a change oriented decision (Lientz & Rea, 2004). There are different reasons why organizations fails in implementing a change and one of the most prominent reason is the lack of commitment from the top hierarchal members, change overload can be considered as another major reason and lack of training of the employees can be considered as another important aspect.

Strategists actually believe in the fact that proper and long term commitment is required when an organization wants a change program to succeed. Employees usually reveal their attitudes from their actions not from words. Therefore, they usually comply with the determination of the top management (Weinstein, 1997). The biggest fallacy that organizations usually make is trying to do too many things in one go. In this manner the employees would become reluctant towards change and the entire process of change management is tarnished because of this.  The change programs that are usually initiated in an organization are reinforced by the desired behavior. In the similar manner the decision makers should take proactive steps towards the implementation of change and rewards that would reinforce the old methods must be eliminated from the organization.

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