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There are certain factors that actually affect the decision making process of an organization and an individual. In the similar manner image can come from brand perceptions and previous experiences of the service. If there is a positive image reflecting company brand we can talk about customer’s retention and trust. Brand image describes as values, colors, name, symbols, words and slogans. As well as, Berry, Lefkowith and Clark (1988) argued that the organization has to ensure that a favorable brand image will be offer consistency to the customers. Moreover, they argued that management of brand consistency is more important since service companies often follow branding strategy, consumers group, expecting uniformity.

Although, De Chernatony and Dall’Olmo Riley (1999) pointed out that there are different definition of “brand”. The definition is not separate product branding from services branding, but the execution strategy is different from one brand to another. Several writers such as Ward, Linght and Goldstine (1999), Ambler and Styles (1996) adopted the interpretation of brands as a promise. It is also particularly suitable for services. According to Ambler and Styles (1996), pointed out that the definition of brand as “the promise of the bundle of attributes that someone buys. The attributes that make up a brand may be real or illusory, rational or emotional, tangible or invisible”. Although Onkvisit and Shaw 1989; Zeithaml and Bitner 1996 said that we can continue to regard services brands as clusters of functional and emotional values, nevertheless, because of their intangible nature, it is especially important to capitalize on clues associated with their physical evidence in order to communicate their values.

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