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From my perspective it is extremely difficult to comment on whether the author point of view is as valid as his arguments are. While I do agree with the authors’ contention that the evils of technology are many and positive affects few. That the face of war has changed drastically over the last few centuries creating a society where the value of human life has become equated with a blip on military radar.

That the unilateral acceptance of television into our home has created an artificial environment essentially a bubble where we live and are unaware or accepting of the various evils that are prevalent in this world. Where the pursuit of material wealth has overtaken that of the spiritual and left us feeling empty and hollow no matter how much we work or try to distract ourselves.

Considering the ramifications of the Iraq and Afghanistan War, the crisis in the Middle East, the Genocide in Darfur, Population growth, climate change, Terrorism. It seems quite sensible to believe that the arguments given by the author book hold much credence in the world today

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