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The extrinsic and intrinsic factors play a significant role in the motivation of teachers in the UK as intrinsic awards provision means greater satisfaction levels amongst the teachers, and extrinsic factors can determine the productivity levels of the teachers.

Intrinsic factors

There is a strong connection which can be drawn from extrinsic factors and primary school teacher’s motivational levels in the U.K.  “Performing behaviour for its own sake in order to experience pleasure and satisfaction such as the joy of doing a particular activity or satisfying one’s curiosity” is the definition of intrinsic motivation (Dörnyei, 2001)[1].

According to the above definition, intrinsic rewards can be looked at from the perspective of the educational process or the person concerned. One thing which has a strong effect on the primary school teachers’ motivational levels is the way the students respond to them. Additionally, if the learning capacity of the teachers’ is developed even further, will add to the skills level and hence, making the teachers ignore monetary benefits in the face of such gains.

[1] Dornyei Zoltan. (2001). New Themes and Approaches in Second Language Motivation Research. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Vol.21, 43-59.

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