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Other stories follow the other squad mates in the same vein. Each provides one tale which encompasses the totality of the experience of war. The escape from reality in this case occurs because the writer uses the stories of his squad to give his own perspective on the war. It can be clearly seen that the experience of war can have a brutal effect on anyone. By distancing himself from his material and ascribing other characters to his feelings, the writer manages to use fiction as a tool to express himself without reliving the horrors he experienced.

It can be seen how both books provide an avenue of escapism for the protagonists in the story. Though there are different reasons for both authors using fictional versions of reality to tell their story. Each version serves its own purpose. For Briony it is to assuage her own guilt while for Tim it is to avoid directly confronting the horrors he experienced. Both authors provide their own brand of fiction, which ends up as palpable as reality itself.

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