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Life has been very interesting for me because I have gotten many chances to see life from different dimensions. I have seen different aspects of life and I have learnt how to truly exercise optimism when things are not going according to my plans. I have observed that only a few people in a crowd can be expected to be compassionate and determined to pursue dreams. I believe that I can be counted among the few people who have been dedicated to their goals.

A number of events have taken place in my life that led me to achieve high standard in every aspect of life. All these events started when I passed my school with a high score that helped me in getting in to the McMaster University that is considered to be one of the best five schools of Canada. I used to live in Iran with my family but due to the Iran-Iraq War, I and my family moved to Canada. Living in Canada was a completely different experience for me. In Canada, for me everything was new and totally different from where I had come from. I learnt that accepting bigger challenges in life helps to develop better abilities and skills. I began to interact with people with the intention of learning as much as I could.

By interacting with large communities and by being social I gained a lot of knowledge regarding different cultures and religions. My family supported me through every step that I took to learn as much as I could. They did not prohibit me from interacting with people belonging to different cultures and religions. The support I got from my family worked like a catalyst in my performance and dedication for gaining more knowledge. Knowing different cultures was the best opportunity in itself and thus I learnt a lot of things with each language I learnt. I was very fluent in speaking Farsi but later on I became highly fluent in French as well. I am also fluent in speaking Arabic. I believe that being multi lingual is a talent and I am proud of being multi linguist because I can interact with people. Moreover knowing different languages could also be helpful for me in the rhetoric and also in the field of law

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