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The book Hot Buttons Marketing by Barry Feig presents strategies to manipulate consumer behavior and emotions in ways which motivate consumers to buy products. The book contains four introductory chapters which describe the concept of hot buttons which are emotions and wants which drive people in acting in specific ways. The other sixteen chapters focus on specific hot buttons and describe how these hot buttons can be used to market and sell products.

The first chapter entitled the hot button principle discusses the concept of hot buttons as emotional drives of individuals. The chapter covers how human wants drive people in performing specific activities and the author also addresses the reader and explains how the reader has selected this book specifically. The author explains that hot buttons act as triggers of specific human behavior.  The second chapter entitled the universality of hot buttons focuses on the applicability of hot buttons in all parts of the world for all products and services.  Feig proposes in this chapter that hot buttons can be applied to any type of product and form of service depending on the culture and environment.

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