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It’s actually a type of Management information system that is used to cater the needs of senior managers and this information system facilitates the decision making needs of the senior executives in the organizations (Business Dictionary, 2008). It generates formalized reports that are used in the decision making process and these reports are generated by user defined data. These formalized reports of executive information system are used in manufacturing, financial analysis, financial reporting, marketing management etc (Ahmed, 2008).

Executive information systems are mostly implemented in a dynamic and a formalized environment and in a chaotic environment it usually doesn’t exist. Usually the flow of information and the reporting process is from seniors to subordinates that is the information flow from top to bottom. But it’s considered to be an important system that’s used in the decision making process.

Tactical systems

Usually the flow of information for tactical information system is from down the line workers to managers and senior managers. Middle level management is most used in the tactical system. The middle level management passes on the information to the decision makers of the organization that is the senior management which include the CEO’s and the CFO’s.

Information system formally generates reports like customer ascendency reports, research findings and information system actually uses specific software’s for developing reports and then these reports are forwarded to the decision makers in order to make the decision(Kumar,1999).This flow of information is for dynamic and motivated organizations. In turbulent environments usually the information flow in the haphazard way and it’s quite difficult to manage and control the flow of information.

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